Welcome Ganjapeneurs, Smokers, Midnight-Tokers, and Fellow Travelers.

Mr. Green Thumb is here to inform you of the ongoing issues facing our favorite friend: Mary-Jane. Some of you are here for networking, others just to read my musings. But we are all here because chances are you think anti-cannabis regulation is antiquated, obscene and illogical. If this is the case, then you are in the right place. Peruse at your leisure and contact me if you think there is a story worth hearing about.

Richard Sanchez a.k.a “Mr Green Thumb” has been working with writing challenged clients for over two years. He provides content creation, blog management, and editorial services. His educational background in philosophy and logic has given him a broad skill-set from which to approach many topics. His writing skills can be confirmed independently on StatRoute and MonroeBlvd. He especially excels at preparing content for sports and cannabis culture. You may learn more about his upcoming work on Twitter. You can also reach him at mrgreenthumb@kushchronicle.net regarding any writing or editing needs.

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