Christmas has passed and now everyone is gearing up for their New Year’s Eve celebration. Stop wallowing on goals you will most likely give up on after the first three weeks of dieting, exercising or what have you. Instead, live in the moment and try these strains for an energetic and euphoric feeling out on the town or just at a house party. These are strains I have personally come by, but I’m sure the average user has their own preference. Heck, maybe you have a strain recommendation yourself. Feel free to comment below.

Consuming Cannabis comes with its own biases. The lazy slacker, the burnout, or one of those weird ant-marijuana commercials where the stick figure melts into a couch while talking to a dog. Yet, with basic knowledge of the plant one can realize how complex cannabis truly is. Contained in this wondrous plant is a complex series of cannabinoids, terpenoids and terpenes. These three chemicals can vary by strain and in turn change the way a user is affected.

Indica v Sativa: Some Misconceptions

Before I break down some of my favorite strains, let’s work through some misconceptions about cannabis. It is common to hear people characterize cannabis as Indica, Sativa or a hybrid.  Indicas are associated with sedative highs, whereas Sativas produce energetic highs. Practically though, the difference between strains is more nuanced. Due to the illegal nature, many aspiring growers turned in doors for grow operations rather than in the open. The downside to this was housing plants that would take quite some time to grow. Due to years of underground crossbreeding, nowadays, most strains are a hybrid. It is more accurate to describe modern strains as indica or sativa dominant hybrids.  For the impatient, growing seasons for sativas can take quite some time. As author Philip Smith notes,

“For growers, even if they want that stimulating sativa high. . . they use hybrids strains with varying amounts of indica that will ripen faster than a pure sativa.”

A benefit of hybridization is that it can save weeks on grow time. In any case, make sure to stay away from any indica-dominant hybrid for your New Years eve festivities.

Different Strains for Different Brains

Each and every strain comes with its own ratios of cannabinoids, terpenoids and terpenes.  According to scientists Raphael Mechoulam and S. Ben-Shabat, these compounds produce what is called an “entourage effect.” Put clearly, scientists are researching the theory that these compounds work together, rather than in isolation. There is no doubting the uplifting sense one gets from a good sativa, but the precise mechanisms and how the chemicals interact are not entirely understood.

Best Buds

Green Crack:


A personal favorite of mine. This intense bud received it’s nickname from none other than the ganja OG himself: Snoop Dogg. As the word ‘crack’ suggests, the high of this bud is vibrant. Despite the frightening moniker, Green Crack is going to give you a cerebral head high bursting with energy, which is a vast improvement over panic attacks and mania. Physically, Green crack looks like an indica, but has the heady effects of a sativa.  This bud is a definite outlier in the indica-sativa spectrum. With virtually no CBD, nominal amounts of THC-V and relatively low count of myrcene and linalool , it is truly amazing how Green Crack has such an energetic high. The origins of Green Crack are hotly debated. Some arguing the plant began in Athens, GA during the 1970’s, while others are researching it’s ties to Afghani landrace indicas.

Key Features: Sativa, Citrus Scent with a smooth smoke, 16% THC

Use and Effects: Anxiety and depression. Very cerebral and energetic high. Great for New Year’s Eve as you won’t be going to sleep early anyway. This strain delivers a clean energy rush, leading to some minor psychedelic effects. Newbies heed the warning.

Durban Poison:


Not literally, as some of you goons might believe. Durban Poison is an incredible sativa. Another strain that looks structurally like an indica, but is sativa by nature.  It delivers a high that is predominantly cerebral, ensuring spikes of energy and activity with little couch lock. Avid espresso drinkers may like this strain as the high comes with a heady buzz and lasts for about 2-3 hours. A great accouterments to bringing in the new year.

Key Features:  100% sativa leading to the long-lasting high. THC between 15% – 20%. Pungent dank scent, almost like licorice.

Use and Effects: Great for energy, treating depression, anxiety. In some studies, Durban Poison is used for treatment of PTSD. Unleash your creative side with this strain as its effects last for a longer period than most sativas. Got a to-do list? Not anymore. Don’t restrain from the mundane as Durban Poison makes the most out of trivial tasks. As long as you monitor your limits, you can get through chores and get out the door for your New Years Eve celebration.

Super Lemon Haze:


An award winning strain, this haze is extremely popular among cannabis enthusiasts. This strain even won back-to-back cannabis cups (2008-2009). By breeding Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze stands at a THC content of 20.5%. As its name suggests, this strain has a strong smell and taste, with some undertones of pine. Its strong, lemon flavor will compete with your morning coffee for the best pick me up.

Key Features: Sativa-dominant hybrid. Has a citrus aroma and flavor. THC content can be as high as 25%.

Use and Effects: Great for mood regulation, pain relief and even migraines. Tends to leave users with an euphoric sense leaving the user lit up. Some creative types may find this affect helpful during long processes of creation. Increased energy can lead to a more active lifestyle.