When you picture your dream wedding, what do you see? Hitting the slopes in Colorado?Sunbathing on Florida beaches? Wherever your dream destination may lie, wouldn’t it be great to spark up as well? Can’t make it to one of the the nations best cannabis wedding expos? If so, this is the list for you! It will be short and sweet because there are over 25 options to travel internationally for a fun-filled international cannabis wedding destination.

US Virgin Islands

This heavenly location recently legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized marijuana for an individual to carry 1 ounce or less. The senate’s decision quasi-permitted the use of cannabis on the three most popular islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. They also coincide with the most popular wedding sites.

If you are caught publicly consuming cannabis, you can be fined $200, but will not serve jail time if you are not participating in anything crazy. However, your marijuana may be confiscated. There are so many reasons to have your wedding on the U.S. Virgin Islands such as predictable weather, years of experience in wedding planning, cheaper than planning a wedding stateside, access to private villas,  and it offers hundreds of activities to choose!

Did you know…that the U.S. Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory, so U.S. citizens do not need a passport to visit all the islands.

You can find villas, houses, or rentals on popular sites such as Vrbo, but make sure to inquire if they are 420-friendly. If you want to incorporate cannabis into your matrimony, it would be fairly easy to plan. You would simply have to ensure the venue allows smoking, find a reliable, local vendor, and make sure a few people bring a medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, the industry is not fully developed yet, but there are several medical dispensaries.


international cannabis wedding destinations

Canada has a lot of potential to supply the hempest of weddings! Keep in mind, each province has different restrictions ranging from age, to place of consumption, amount allowed to carry, purchasing, and the list continues. Since recreational marijuana was only recently legalized, there are few wedding and event venues that openly advertise. It would be my suggestion to hire an experienced wedding planner to discuss options and limitations with venues.

If you are a prospective couple that wants to do the leg work, you may want to begin your research by province. The most generous regulations are as follows: Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Most of these are the same or similar to tobacco laws besides Nova Scotia, which specifies it is only permitted in designated areas. Additionally, Canada is not a typical wedding destination that offers packages or deals like those on cruises or in the Caribbean. It might be on the more expensive side, but with more potential and it is a safer bet since it is legalized.


international cannabis wedding destinations

Mexico is one of the most popular countries to host a destination wedding! It is associated with the well-known all-inclusive wedding package that extorts attending guests and give discounts to the happy couple. If you are an established cannabis enthusiast with a multitude of connections, most of the country allows you to carry 5 grams or less for medical purposes and has a lot of potential for cannabis tourism.

However, the majority of these trendy nuptial locations are within resorts and adventuring outside of them could pose a risk especially purchasing contraband. Many tourists trying to purchase cannabis products will find themselves arrested, heavily fined, or targeted by criminals. Remember, the laws only apply to citizens and every local magistrate enforces different laws and regulations. Although Mexico would be a sublime destination, unless you have solid contacts, it would be difficult planning a cannabis affair.


Jamaica is an obvious choice for many tourists and cannabis enthusiasts. However, ganja is not fully legalized like many assume. It is only legal for medicinal purposes with doctor approval. On the upside, the laws are fairly vague and it allows almost anyone the opportunity to purchase it. However, you will most likely need to bring a medical marijuana card to ensure your access. Keep in mind; it is only decriminalized up to 2 ounces (56 grams) in case you are purchasing in bulk.

Additionally, most couples would get married on a resort, not a local site. It would be best and easiest for you to either coordinate with the resort or a local event planner to ensure you are buying it legally, safely, and within the restrictions of your venue. If you cannot find a resort, venue, or private property that permits smoking or is a permitted smoke site, but still would like an herbal experience, I highly recommend checking out Kaya Herb House for entertainment and activities! However, it should be fairly easy to coordinate a chronic ceremony. Jamaica is my top pick for planning a cannabis-themed wedding destination of which you will not have to reach too deep into your pockets.

international cannabis wedding destinations


There are so many reasons to travel to Belize. Most notably for Americans is the currency exchange rate: 2 BZD to 1 USD. Most often, you will use American currency. The primary languages are English and Creole. It has the perfect amount of adventurous activities, historical monuments, and island retreats.

In November 2017, the beautiful country of Belize added to its extensive resume the legalization of recreational marijuana. The legislation does not permit smoking publicly, but it does permit it on private property.

Moreover, you can have up to 10 grams of reefer, which is far more progressive than Belizean neighbors. As far as finding private property, it is the same issue of discussing it with the venue owners to permit it and finding a reliable source. If you are able to secure this or coordinate with a cruise, resort, or island retreat, it would be PERFECT combination of reefs, ruins, rain forests, and reefer.

Did you know… Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language. However, you will still hear a mixture of Creole, Spanish, Garifuna and Mayan languages being spoken on the street.

Costa Rica

Many believe Costa Rica is another safe haven for weed tourism; however, it is still illegal in a commercial capacity. While Costa Rica would be a phenomenal location for hosting a destination wedding, it is not advantageous for purchasing marijuana especially for tourists. The legislation states that marijuana is legal if you are growing it at home for personal use; but if you have intentions of selling, distributing, or purchasing it, that intent or action is a criminal offense. There are many sites, blogs, and forums that elaborate on recreational reefer activities while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Unless you have or meet a reliable contact, you probably do not want to attempt to through a kushy reception. However, the time for legalizing marijuana is coming soon! There are effective activists, a new association of medical marijuana was established, and statistics demonstrate people smoke marijuana more than tobacco in Costa Rica. In the next couple of years, this country could be a plush, perfect playground for weed and eco-friendly tourism. Kush Chronicle will keep you updated on this country’s progress!



Are you a natural extrovert? Will you be able to befriend locals? I hope so because that is the only way to obtain weed legally in Uruguay as a tourist. Although weed is legal and Uruguay is a progressive country in regards to marijuana consumption and law, it is dissimilar to Amsterdam that has coffee shops and other dispensaries to purchase product. Citizens and registered residents are the only ones that are able to purchase cannabis from dispensaries, which are actually the pharmacies in Uruguay.

As a tourist, you are able to accept gifts and smoke with Uruguayans legally. However, there has also been a limited amount of non-medical psychoactive marijuana because the supply is not meeting the demand. If you are truly dedicated to throwing your lawful cannabis-themed matrimony in Uruguay, you could contact a local wedding coordinator who would be the most likely to have an established network.

international cannabis wedding destinations


Our top pick is………….. Spain! You are probably thinking we would say Netherlands, Portugal, or Belgium. You would think so. While weed in these nations is either decriminalized or legal, you are not allowed to sell or grow, which puts many limitations on the coveted cannabis libations you desire at your wedding. However, in the province of Catalonia, marijuana is legal!

The Spanish government continues to introduce laws that try to deter weed tourism specifically in Catalonia. Although Catalonia wants to emphasize this through private memberships, clubs, and commercial spaces, Spain at-large perpetuates the intolerance of marijuana. If you can connect with a private club and sign up as a member, you could easily hold cannabis shindigs or marijuana matrimony.

There are some restrictions on the clubs such as you need to be a member for 15 days before consumption and the clubs can only supply up to 150 kg of cannabis per year. Catalonia is a magnificent province of Spain to visit as a tourist with locals constantly fighting for legal cannabis. It would be the prime location for any high-end destination, but always remember to double check your venue is in compliance with national law to ensure you have the best vibes at your wedding.

Final Thoughts

Remember, you will need to plan ahead and it is always best to work with an experienced wedding coordinator. It is always safest to go to a country that has fully legalized marijuana, not just decriminalized it. Since you will potentially be buying cannabis products in large quantities, you really should work with someone from the area and always double check with the venue to see if they will permit it.