One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I break into the cannabis industry as an edibles chef?” Whether you are new to cannabis or a long-time user everyone wants to make sure they are not missing out on this green rush. Some careers paths will be an easy transition. Regulatory positions may require additional licensing or certification.

However, for the most part the cannabis industry–despite its infancy– will need lawyers, accounts, marketers and customer service agents. All you need is grit, know-how and a spruced up resume aimed at the industry. Experience is key. With the industry still growing, hiring people who can understand and conform to the regulation of the industry will have no issue finding work in this green mine. In such a spirit, The Kush Chronicle is committing to a series of posts to help you, the reader, get a leg up in the cannabis game.

What is an Edibles Chef?

cannabis edibles

Cannabis chefs, or edible chefs, infuse food and beverages with either cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This emerging career field has the focus of experienced chefs to up and comers looking to make their name in this creative niche. Aspiring cannabis chefs will find creative ways to use cannabis-infused oils, butters and tinctures along with other concentrates to create innovative products for both adult-use and medical patients.

Additionally, following general food safety guidelines will be a requirement for any legitimate operation. Chefs have to abide by sanitary and food preparation guidelines, which can vary by state. Even in a standard kitchen, chefs and prep cooks have to ensure everything is properly packaged and labeled. Moreover, they have to ensure the potency of products is accurate.

How to become an Edibles Chef?

While there are no set educational requirements for edible chefs, most who enter the field have kitchen experience or a formal culinary education. Chefs should also have knowledge of state and local legislation that regulates the industry. Some states, for example, may require a chef to obtain an official manufacturing license before stocking goods. For those passionate about cannabis and cooking the position of a Cannabis Chef would be incredibly rewarding.

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