One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I break into the cannabis industry?” Whether you are new to cannabis or a long-time user everyone wants to make sure they are not missing out on this green rush. Some careers paths will be an easy transition. Regulatory positions may require additional licensing or certification. However, for the most part the cannabis industry–despite its infancy– will need lawyers, accounts, marketers and customer service agents. All you need is grit, know-how and a spruced up resume aimed at the industry. Experience is key. With the industry still growing, hiring people who can understand and conform to the regulation of the industry will have no issue finding work in this green mine. In such a spirit, The Kush Chronicle is committing to a series of posts to help you, the reader, get a leg up in the cannabis game.

What is a Hospitality Associate?

In an industry booming with cannabis restaurants, edibles and retail jobs, a Hospitality Associate is essential to the flow of any start-ups customer service. As a customer service representative, a Hospitality Associate will need to interact with customers to handle questions, complaints, process orders and provide information about the brand, business, services or product. The specific duties of a Hospitality Associate will vary based on the industry. For example, if you worked for a bud and breakfast, you may face questions about nutrition, the amenities of the bud and breakfast, and the menu.

Hospitality Associates in retail will face questions about products sold, alternative options and about particular strains. In some industries, a Hospitality Associate may be asked to perform sales duties, so understanding your client’s needs is another major aspect of the job.

Skills of a Great Cannabis Hospitality Associate

  • Communication Skills: Providing technical information to customers or guest is key. Being able to do so in writing, by phone and in person is what separates great Hospitality Associates from the average.
  • Customer-service Skills: Retaining customers is the best way to boost a brand’s image. Providing excellent service motivates others to share their great experience and reflects positively on the brand as well as the associate.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Fostering positive experiences for clients or customers is not difficult. Some of the simplest things, like remembering a name or tidbit about the individual can go a long way toward building long time relationships.
  • Listening Skills: Listening may be one of the most underrated skills, yet maintains its importance in every job. By improving your active listening skills you can improve your ability to retain information, while becoming a better negotiator.
  • Patience: It’s might be a virtue and as such can be incredibly hard to maintain. However, any customer facing agent will inevitably deal with difficult customers. being polite and patient, will be key. That does not mean tolerating disrespect is part of your job. Any business that asks such a thing of you is not worth the effort.
  • Problem-solving Skills: Representatives must determine quickly the best way to provide a solution to a customer’s problem. Solving problems efficiently will contribute to customer loyalty and retention.

Bud and Breakfast: The Future of Cannabis Hospitality

As cannabis continues to be legalized throughout the United States, small businesses can adapt to the new economy without changing too much. The best example of this are bud and breakfast stays. What was already a peaceful getaway, a romantic trip or simply a place to stay for travelers has now been turned up in legal states. The addition of recreational cannabis has changed the way these cozy operations work and many states on the verge of legalization can take note of some of the more successful bud and breakfast joints. Some of the more popular and well-reviewed stops for your stoner getaway are The Adagio, Tender Bud Acres, and Maine Greenyards.