It should come as no surprise that cannabis was a main topic of discussion during the 5th Presidential Debate. While everyone laughed and praised Corey Booker for his roasting of Joe Biden, I think it is very telling about the range of diverse opinions within the democratic party. For one, younger delegates appear to understand the benefits of cannabis, while politicians like Joe Biden continue to remind us that relics of that past can’t lead us into the future.

For those who missed the debate, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey got the crowd going with his assumption that Joe Biden was high when he claimed cannabis was a gateway drug. and therefore stands opposed to cannabis legalization.

Hyperbole for sure, but Sen. Booker was right in claiming Biden’s position was at odds with developing research and the future of both the Democratic Party and the country.

The presidential debate was a reminder that Joe Biden is an antiquated politician who understands even less about our current state of affairs than he does out future.

Despite what Joe Biden thinks, cannabis is not a Gateway Drug

This ludicrous argument has been widely presented from older generations as an excuse to maintain the status quo. Wealthy whites have been getting away with this so-called gateway drug and anyone who claims to care about minorities, diversity or the greater good cannot in good faith claim prohibition is the right answer.

All Joe Biden wants is to relate to the 10% of the prejudiced population about to die off while the future generations sit and ponder about the harmlessness of a plant. The most amusing thing about Biden and his ilk’s illogical stance is that it does not lead to any positive change.

Currently, we are facing widespread health concerns about tainted or black market carts. The black market is an unspoken truth. We know it exists, but much like Harry Potter, our world is governed by leaders who refuse to speak names into reality.

We can’t talk about how easy it is for teenagers to find illicit products, but they do. Black market dealers do not care about your health for the most part, so keeping cannabis restricted to the black market is counter-productive. Keeping cannabis restricted to said market creates easy access for younger groups.

These antiquated politicians fail to understand that by legalizing cannabis and providing better tax structure for start-ups, we can reduce the hold of the black market. The whole ‘war on drugs’ is a farce. It was a war on cannabis and minority cultures. Any politician who cannot admit this is leading in bad faith.

Joe Biden is a relic, a reminder of a delusional generation that cared more about the now than the future. Joe Biden doesn’t value science, he doesn’t value the health of millions of american citizens who benefit from this plant. He is a puppet, who will say whatever he needs to to attract wealthy democratic donors. I look forward to when the Democratic Party shoots themselves in the foot with another election.