New Jersey, Nebraska and Arizona are likely to legalize cannabis in 2020

Every year seems to be the ‘it’ year for recreational cannabis bills. These states appear most likely to legalize cannabis in 2020.

Last year saw the maturation of the Illinois industry that just went into effect January 1, 2020. Despite meeting the astronomical projections. Illinois creatively rand in the new year with their legalization culminating in nearly $11 million dollars in sales their first week.

Which states will be the next up for this green rush is a guess, but we can make an educated guess. The following states appear the most likely to legalize adult-use. These are states that have been pushing fervently for adult-use but do to time restraints or political infighting could not get the job done. 

Legalized cannabis likely to happen in Nebraska

Let’s hear it for the cornhuskers! Nebraska is on track to become the 34th state to green light medical cannabis. Currently gathering signature, the Nebraska Medical Marijuana Initiative would all individuals 18+ to purchase cannabis for medical use. Amazingly, Nebraska had a survey in 2017 that showed a whopping 77% of residents were in favor of physician prescribed cannabis. A strong showing for such a historically conservative state; one that can help propel this industry come November. 

Nebraska looks looks likely to legalize cannabis in 2020

New Jersey

As a resident of the Garden State, I was not too optimistic about New Jersey legalizing cannabis in 2019. If any state is likely to do so this year, it would be New Jersey. After a few failed attempts in 2019, the New Jersey Senate and Assembly voted on December 16 in favor of adding a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would legalize adult-use cannabis. The measure would allow for people 21+ to buy cannabis products and would give the state and municipalities–if they opt in–the right to impose a tax. The biggest hurdle in the state was from representatives who understandably wanted to see an expungement clause for folks previously convicted of cannabis use or possession. The new measure should be easier to pass with it focused on consumption and not expungement.  

New Jersey looks looks likely to legalize cannabis in 2020


If you recall, Arizona was the only one of nine states that could not successfully pass a measure in 2016. Again, the Grand Canyon state finds itself at the forefront of states likely to legalize cannabis in 2020.

Prop 205 would have legalized recreational cannabis, but fell short by %2. A second chance seems right around the corner. It would be shocking for cannabis to not be on the ballot this year having come so close before. A poll by OH Predictive Insights on September 2019 found that 50% of residents support pro-cannabis legislation.  

Arizona looks looks likely to legalize cannabis in 2020