What Cannabis Copywriting Entails  

The cannabis industry is currently on its way to becoming one of the most valuable industries in the world. For any experienced writer, making money used to seem like a luxury. But this is the age of the internet and the cannabis industry is ripe with cannabis copywriter opportunities. Take a look at any of the cannabis specific jobs boards like Mary’s List or Inweed.io. and you’ll find some interesting opportunities. While that would take time ordinarily, the feats this industry has reached and surpassed in the last couple of years have shown anyone that cares to witness that it is on the path to greatness. The recent legalization of cannabis by most states in the United States is substantial proof that this industry is one of those to watch and probably invest in. 

Currently worth over $17 billion according to a 2019 estimate, more freelance writers and editors are making huge funds from cannabis copywriting, how? With more people wanting to know about the positive effects of cannabis, there is a demand for more cannabis content writers with knowledge of the industry. 

For those seeking to venture into this seemingly narrow but deep aspect of writing, it is best that they familiarize themselves with all that cannabis content writing entails. 

Cannabis Copywriter Knowledge

Making it big in the cannabis content writing space entails that you familiarize yourself with what’s happening in the industry. For a start, you should get acquainted with certain terms and keywords in the industry. Also, with more states and countries legalizing the sale and consumption of medical cannabis, it is important that you keep yourself abreast of all that’s happening. This will help shape you into a better and skilled writer. 


While the cannabis content writing industry may look very narrow, you’d be surprised to find out that it is one broad industry with a variety of topics or groups under it. While there are issues of legalizing cannabis, there is CBD and THC, there are also cannabis stocks. Basically, this is one of the broadest industries you’d see. 

Get acquainted with these terms and aspects of the industry and watch yourself become one of the sought after cannabis content writers. 

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Freelance Cannabis Copywriter? 

There are no legal or formal qualifications needed to become a freelance cannabis copywriter. Like the other forms of freelance writing, copywriting accepts people from all walks of life, background, and level of education. However, there are a couple of skills you need to either possess or acquire to become a fine freelance cannabis copywriter. 

Without wasting much of your time, we will dive into the various skills you’d need to make it big as a freelance copywriter. 

Excellent English Skills 

Since most of the clients you’d be creating website copy for are all English speakers, you will need to be a fluent English speaker and writer. Regardless of the type of copy you’re creating, every client would expect you to use a simple and correct sentence structure, accurate punctuations, and excellent choice of words.

As a potential freelance cannabis copywriter, you need to pay attention to these; 




Currently, there are a couple of online websites that can help you brush up your English skills. 

Wide Vocabulary 

As a potential freelance copywriter, it is important that you have a wide vocabulary to choose from. Instead of being satisfied with your current vocabulary, it is of utmost importance that you widen your vocabulary by reading more books and becoming acquainted with an array of words. 

There are various online copywriting courses that you can take to brush your website copy skills. 

Persuasive Skills 

The idea behind copywriting is to create some of the best website copy that will persuade your potential customers to buy from your store. To make this happen, a freelance cannabis copywriter should possess the skill to persuade customers to not only read but buy from that store. 

Humans are unique in a variety of ways, some of the time, what works for one individual may not work for the other. With this in mind, an expert freelance cannabis copywriter should be flexible and also implore core persuasive skills by using certain keywords.