Florida cannabis marketing regulations for cannabis businesses.

The advertising regulations in Florida are as follows:

(h) A medical marijuana treatment center may not engage in advertising that is visible to members of the public from any street, sidewalk, park, or other public place, except:

1. The dispensing location of a medical marijuana treatment center may have a sign that is affixed to the outside or hanging in the window of the premises which identifies the dispensary by the licensee’s business name, a department-approved trade name, or a department-approved logo. A medical marijuana treatment center’s trade name and logo may not contain wording or images commonly associated with marketing targeted toward children or which promote recreational use of marijuana.

2. A medical marijuana treatment center may engage in Internet advertising and marketing under the following conditions:

a. All advertisements must be approved by the department.

b. An advertisement may not have any content that specifically targets individuals under the age of 18, including cartoon characters or similar images.

c. An advertisement may not be an unsolicited pop-up advertisement.

d. Opt-in marketing must include an easy and permanent opt out feature.

(i) Each medical marijuana treatment center that dispenses marijuana and marijuana delivery devices shall make available to the public on its website:

1. Each marijuana and low-THC product available for purchase, including the form, strain of marijuana from which it was extracted, cannabidiol content, tetrahydrocannabinol content, dose unit, total number of doses available, and the ratio of cannabidiol to tetrahydrocannabinol for each product.

2. The price for a 30-day, 50-day, and 70-day supply at a standard dose for each marijuana and low-THC product available for purchase.

3. The price for each marijuana delivery device available for purchase.

4. If applicable, any discount policies and eligibility criteria for such discounts.For more information, please refer to Senate Bill 8A.

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