New Jersey cannabis marketing regulations for cannabis businesses.

(a) Alternative treatment centers shall restrict signage to black text on a white background on external signage, labeling and brochures for the alternative treatment center.

(b) Alternative treatment center signage shall not be illuminated at any time.

(c) Alternative treatment centers shall not display on the exterior of the facility advertisements for medicinal marijuana or a brand name except for purposes of identifying the building by the permitted name.

d) Alternative treatment centers shall not advertise the price of marijuana, except that:

1. An ATC can provide a catalogue or a printed list of the prices and strains of medicinal marijuana available at the alternative treatment center to registered qualifying patients and primary caregivers.

(e) Marijuana and paraphernalia shall not be displayed or clearly visible to a person from the exterior of an alternative treatment center.

(f) Alternative treatment centers shall not produce any items for sale or promotional gifts, such as T-shirts or novelty items, bearing a symbol or references to marijuana. This prohibition shall not pertain to paraphernalia sold to registered qualifying patients or their primary caregivers.

For more information, please refer to theĀ Final Rules for the Medicinal Marijuana Program.

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