Oregon cannabis marketing regulations for cannabis companies

Refer to Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program Forms and Signage:

(2) The function, duties, and powers of the commission in sections 3 to 70 of this Act include the following:

(g) To regulate and prohibit any advertising by manufacturers, processors, wholesalers or retailers of marijuana items by the medium of newspapers, letters, billboards, radio or otherwise.

Q. What signage must dispensaries display at their sites?

NOTE: All required signage is available on the Forms and Signage page.


(1) A licensee must post:

(a) At every licensed premises signs that read:

(A) “No Minors Permitted Anywhere on This Premises”; and

(B) “No On-Site Consumption of Marijuana”; and

(b) At all areas of ingress or egress to a limited access area a sign that reads: “Do Not Enter – Limited Access Area – Access Limited to Licensed Personnel and Escorted Visitors.”

(2) All signs required by this rule must be:

(a) Legible, not less than 12 inches wide and 12 inches long, composed of letters not less than one-half inch in height;

(b) In English and Spanish; and

(c) Posted in a conspicuous location where the signs can be easily read by individuals on the licenses premises.

(2) A retailer must post in a prominent place signs at every:

(a) Point of sale that read:

(A) “No Minors Permitted Anywhere on the Premises”; and

(B) “No On-Site Consumption”.

(b) Exit from the licensed premises that reads: “Marijuana or Marijuana Infused Products May Not Be Consumed In Public”

Point of Sale Signage

A registered dispensary that has notified the Oregon Health Authority that it is conducting retail sales must also post the following signs at the point of sale:

  • Pregnancy Warning Poster
  • Poisoning Prevention Poster
  • A color copy of the “Educate Before You Recreate” poster (Source: whatslegaloregon.com).

Marijuana Information Card

Distribute to each individual at the time of sale a Marijuana Information Card, prescribed by the Authority, measuring 3.5 inches high by 5 inches.

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