Pricing & Services

Content Development Options:

The Kush Chronicle aims to provide of variety of quality content options and strategies that best suit the clients needs. Fees are determined by a combination of client’s needs, the service level required and the content medium (e.g. written, podcasts or videos)

The Kush Chronicle also aids client’s in product promotion, brand development and marketing. Through our network we are able to help promote out client’s goals, aspirations and current projects through a variety of mediums. You can’t go at it alone, so just remember to “Keep Calm and Love Kush”.

Content Starts at $75USD and is scaled based on project needs and length. We are transparent about our needs and a listing can be found below. Don’t see what you are looking for? You can pitch your idea and budget to

Content Services:

Blog Management and Web Content

Press Releases

Product Reviews and Marketing

E-Books & White Papers

Informational Kits

Resume & CV Transition for the Cannabis Industry

Coaching Services

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